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Juvias Place

I came across Juvias Place Cosmetics for the first time, on social media of course, in 2016. I was in search of some ‘new to me’ indie makeup brands to try and hit the jackpot! Juvias Place was created by Nigerian born, Chichi Eburu, the shadow colors and artwork for her products are obviously inspired by vibrant African Cultures. To date I have all of the eyeshadow palettes and one of the two blush palettes they offer. I have not tried any of their brushes, the eye liner or the liquid lips so I cannot speak on the quality of those. This brand review is based solely on the customer experience I’ve had purchasing from them and the quality of the eyeshadow palettes.

Let’s talk about the packaging quickly before getting into the shadows themselves. Every palette has the most beautiful artwork, they are made of thick cardboard with magnetic closures. The names of the shadows are printed under each color in the palettes, with the exception of The Nubian 1 and The Zulu palette. None of the palettes have a mirror inside but that’s not a big loss for me, I don’t mind carrying my own individual mirror.

Now for the important stuff, the eyeshadows are VERY pigmented, creamy smooth and don’t have a lot of kickback when putting your brush to the pan. I’ve found that even with the glitter shadows there isn’t much of any fallout, AMAZING! The majority of my favorite colors in the palettes happen to be glitter or shimmer shades. The shadows don’t feel powdery, they don’t disappear on the brush as you’re blending, they’re easy to blend and the color payoff lasts a long time which is crucial for me! Nothing worse than spending 45 minutes creating the perfect eye look just to have the vibrancy fade away half way thru the night. All of the eyeshadow palettes are Vegan, Cruelty Free and very affordable. Thus far palettes have been released in three sizes, 9 pan palette, 12 pan palette and 16 pan palettes. All in all, I absolutely love their eyeshadow palettes and will absolutely continue to purchase every single one that they release.

The blush palettes were released last year, one intended for lighter complexions the other for deeper skin-tones. The Saharan Blush Volume 1 and Volume 2, I own the volume 2. Just as with the shadows, the blush formula is smooth, creamy, easy to blend and very pigmented. A light hand goes a long way with these blushes! The blush palettes are 6 pan palettes, 4 mattes and 2 shimmers in each. Volume 2 has a light pink-coral blush, a burnt-coral blush, 2 pink toned shimmer blushes with gold reflects, a deep mauve blush and a warm bronzer. Final thought on the blush palette is that formula wise it’s great, the color selection doesn’t work so well for me but I’d definitely purchase another with colors that better suit me. I hope one day soon a highlight palette will be released!

Lastly, a little bit about my customer experience with this brand thus far. I’ve purchased each palette individually, which means 10 separate orders since becoming a customer. They do accept PayPal which is a big deal for me, often times I won’t purchase from sites that don’t. Each time I have ordered I’ve received an email with my tracking link within 24 hours, including days of new releases the turn around time has been quick. They take great care in packaging orders to ensure nothing is damaged in-transit, bubblewrap and more bubblewrap! I haven’t had to contact customer service for any reason so I cannot speak on that aspect of the customer experience, but I count that as a good thing. I have yet to have any issue with the ordering process or the delivery of my items and I mean how often do customers really reach out to customer service just to give praise.

I definitely recommend Juvias Place, unless there is some drastic change within the company or the formulas I will continue to gladly hand over my money!


Thanks for chatting with me – V

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