March 2018 Boxy Charm Review

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Ya llego!! It’s time for my Boxy Charm unboxing!

This month’s Boxy Charm theme is ‘Bae-cation’, que cute!

In the box are the following :

PUR – The Complexion Authority eyeshadow palette

(MSRP: $36.00)

I believe this palette is an exclusive Boxy collaboration, very summery feeling color combination. Estamos ready para el sol! The shadows are buttery smooth, blend well and have a decent color pay-off. My only peeve is the lack of transition shades, there’s a lot of shimmer going on in this palette.

Butter London – Double Decker Lashes Mascara

(MSRP: $20.00)

So far love, I did have to run a clean spoolie thru my lashes, it did clump up just a little bit pero ta’bien, nothing too wild. At the moment my favorite mascara is the benefit they’re real, but this one may knock it out of 1st place. I have to do a fulls day wear test to really decide but the wand is 10x better so ya esta ganando!

South Mane Beauty – Under Eye Gels

(MSRP: $10.00)

Ehhh. No tengo que decir. *insert shrugging emoji*

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set

(MSRP: $23.00)

The set brings three brushes, labeled with the cutest names. Brushes 1 & 2, the shadow and angled shadow brushes, are a little too stiff for my preference. Brush 3 however, the smudger brush, will definitely be getting a lot of use to get those lash line colors poppin’!

Pretty Vulgar – Make them Blush

(MSRP: $26.00)

Let me just say first, I’m obsessed with their packaging! Although the plastic does feel un poco cheapy, it’s so cute!The color does not work for me personally, at all, way too pink. Anyway I prefer to be bronzy and glowing for the gods.

Total value of the box this month is $115!! If you’d like to join Boxy Charm follow the link below ♥

Become a Boxy Babe!

Thanks for chatting with me – V


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