May 2018 Boxy Charm Review:

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This months theme was in celebration of yet another birthday for Boxy Charm! My boxy arrived 2 days ago Friday the 18th, which is average for me, mid-month is my expected delivery day.


In the box are the following:

PUR – Sculptor Palette

(MSRP: $30.00)

This palette brings 4 shades, 2 contour shades & 2 highlight shades. Pur’s formula is so good, they’re pigmented & blend super easily! For me personally this palette was a hit, The only shade that did not work for my face was the darker contour which looks muddy against my complexion. However, I used it as an eyeshadow & it looks great! These contours are PIGMENTED so a light hand goes a long way. Pero lo mas importante, these highlights! Amazing! I used both highlights individually & mixed together & I’m obsessed.


COVER FX – Blurring Primer

(MSRP: $38.00)

I’m not sure yet how I feel about this primer, I want to use it under some other foundations before I decide. I will say when I applied I immediately saw the “blurring” effect, my skin looked very smooth & MATTE! When applying the formula felt almost like powder, it comes out of the tube a light beige color but doesn’t leave a white cast once applied. So far I think I like this primer but I don’t want to decide just yet.


PRETTY VULGAR – The Ink Gel Eyeliner

(MSRP: $24.00)

I’m obsessed with this brands packaging! Que Cute!! This gel liner is very creamy & super easy to work with. I personally prefer liquid liners but this formula is great so I’ll definitely be getting good use out of this liner. Jet black, has an almost satin finish & applies like a dream! LOVE!


AESTHETICA – 3 Piece Eye Trio & P12 Face Brush

(MSRP: $45.00 & & 27.00)

Ehhh. I honestly don’t know what to say about these brushes. The eye trio comes with a spoolie, thin liner & angled liner brush. The spoolie is the average spoolie, nothing special & no complaints. But, the eye liner brushes *sigh* both brushes are too thick. Although this may just be my personal preference, so I don’t want to judge to harshly. The P12 face brush is super soft, picks up product well & is easy to work with, I personally would use this brush for blush only since I prefer denser brushes to apply bronzer &/or contour. Not bad though, just another average brush in my opinion.



(MSRP: $10.00)

When I 1st opened this lip gloss I was super confused, the packaging say it’s a long wear MATTE LIP GLOSS. Que? How can a lip gloss be matte, does that not defeat the entire purpose of a gloss? Anyway, the formula is basically a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry down completely matte. It looked like & felt like I was wearing a creme lipstick. The color looked almost like a lip tint when applied as 1 layer & reached full opacity with a 2nd layer. Both ways look & feel good on the lips, the formula isn’t drying at all, it stayed somewhat tacky but still didn’t transfer. & for only $10, I’m impressed!



Total Value of this months box is $174!!

For the low price of $21, aside from the brushes which I personally wasn’t crazy about this box was amazing, as usual! 

If you want to become a Boxy Babe follow the link below ♥





Thanks for chatting with me – V


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