August 2018 Boxy Charm Review:

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This months Boxy Charm theme is… Life of the Party

I really liked the theme this month. So cute! 

Still doesn’t beat Caribbean Queen for me, but still DOPE!



Before I get started with the review I want to make a quick note regarding the upcoming “upgraded subscription”. For anyone already subscribed to Boxy Charm I’m sure you’ve already seen their announcement regarding this. For anyone not currently subscribed, basically Boxy Charm is launching a ‘Luxe’ box which will be available to current subscribers. BoxyLuxe will be in addition to the standard boxy & will only be given every 3 months. So 4 times per year BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this additional box & be charged the extra $28.99, bringing the quarterly bill to $49.99 while the remaining 8 months continue to be $21 for the standard boxy. I will be upgrading my subscription once this launches (Sept.01.18), I want to give the BoxyLuxe a fair chance so I’ll be maintaining that subscription for a minimum of 1 year & then we’ll see how it goes from there. I’ve been subscribed to Boxy Charm for over 4 years at this point & they remain the best beauty subscription to me, I have high hopes for the BoxyLuxe!

Ok, on to the review!


In the box this month are the following.


LAURA LEE LOS ANGELES – Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette

(MSRP: $19.00)

I love this little palette! This palette is the center piece to this months theme & it’s the cutest little 6 shade palette ever. The shades are all very bright bold colors, 2 of which lack in color payoff but I expected that when I looked at them. Issa Party & Dranks require a base, when I applied these colors dry with no base, it seemed like no matter how much I layered the shadows the colors were just not vibrant. Damage Control, Bottoms Up, Karaoke & Hungover on the other hand outdid themselves! So many looks can be created using this palette together with a good neutrals palette! I can’t wait to play around with it some more, so much inspiration jumps out at me looking at this super fun color combo. The shadows are all smooth & blend well, they don’t have a ton of kick-up or fall-out either which is great!



HOUSE OF LASHES – Lashes – Wispy Mini

(MSRP: $9.00)

Ugh!! These lashes! I’m obsessed!!! I honestly love these lashes so much, they look beautiful & natural for a pair of falsies. I prefer lashes with a clear band, hands down, I feel like they just look better & don’t look as heavy as lashes with the black band. I’m definitely ordering some more, these lashes give my Ardell Wispies 122, which are my absolute favorite lashes, a run for their money!



SMASHBOX – Always On Liquid Lipstick – Psychic Medium

(MSRP: $24.00)

This was 1 of the products that varied in this months boxy, not everyone received the same lip product or the same lashes. I’m so glad I got this because I already have this in 3 other shades, Bawse/Disorderly/True Grit, & love this formula! These liquid lipsticks wear beautifully, don’t look or feel chalky or drying & last a long time. Luckily I received a shade I didn’t already own, Psychic Medium is a beautiful matte grayish under-toned brown. I’ll definitely be getting a lot of good use out of this color come fall.



WANDER – Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask

(MSRP: $13.00)

I received my boxy a little earlier than usual for me, earlier than I expected, so I decided to hold off on my review for a few days so I could give this a good test. These eye masks claim to brighten & hydrate the under eye, reducing the appearance of dark circles. I do have dry circles but luckily for me they’re still not crazy noticeable. These eye masks are intended to be worn for 10-15 min, on clean dry skin. I used the 3 provided in the boxy every other day for 1 week & honestly, I see a difference. When I put the 1st pair on I wasn’t sure I was going to like them. They come out of the packaging SATURATED AF, I’ve used eye masks before that literally slip & slide all over your face as your trying to use them but not these. They adhered well, felt cooling & bonus the serum doesn’t smell chemically. I personally liked these!


BANG BEAUTY – Chocolate Eyeliner

(MSRP: $22.00)

The description for this eyeliner says it can be used as liner, an eyeshadow base or as a brow pomade. Initially I didn’t think it would be a good idea to put this product in my brows because it looks & feels very creamy, I have naturally thick & full brows so for me creamy brow products are a no. BUT, I swatched some on my hand to see what the color payoff was like when used as a liner & noticed that when blended out this almost feels like a powder. I tried it on my brows, using a minimal amount, & yes! I like this as a brow product, haven’t tried it as a shadow base but I think it will work well as a base too. As for it’s use as an eyeliner, ehh, the does formula does indeed work well as a liner but I always prefer liquid liners. I just don’t reach for eyeliners like this. 


ADESSE – Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil

(MSRP: $18.00)

Mehhh….. I don’t know what to say here. I’m not impressed, I’m not disappointed, just *shrugs*. It’s average as far as cuticle oils go, nothing too special. I’m not crazy about the scent & quite honestly don’t feel it made any difference *shrugs*. I’ve used it every 4 times in the last week since receiving my box & don’t care much for it.


Total value of this months boxy was $105!

This months total value will vary based on which lashes & lip product was received. 


Thanks for chatting with me – V


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    1. Thank you! Yes I live for nude lips, I felt like this color oxidized a bit & started to look like the darker brown it’s shown to be on the packaging but for the 1st 3-4 hours of wear it looked like a nude against my complexion which I LOVED!


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