Sept. 2018 Boxy Charm Review:

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First things first… Ughh.. I know this is ridiculously late, completely unacceptable! Smh, I know! I’m not even going to try to make any excuses for why I didn’t have my shyt together & I’ll just simply admit, I DID NOT HAVE MY SHYT TOGETHER! Aside from just not feeling like myself, another subject for another time, I took on a 3rd (temporary) job & that literally ate up the very limited amount of “free time” that I had to begin with. Aside from that, yes I was kinda salty about this horribly executed, poor excuse for a launch, that this BoxyLuxe launch was & that kind of finished killing any enthusiasm I had for my boxys. BUT I have my limited “free time” back, I’m coming out from under this fog that’s been consuming me & I’m over the extremely disappointing BoxyLuxe launch, kinda. So I’M BACK & honestly, truly trying to get back to the regularly scheduled programming, I AM TRYING!! In the meantime, let’s catch up!

The Sept. Boxycharm theme was Wild Flower… so cute!



In the box were the following.

PRETTY VULGAR – Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

(MSRP: $35.00)

This palette consists of 5 mattes, 4 shimmers & 3 glittery shades. It is a neutrals palette which is usually exactly what I gravitate towards but the shades are on the cool toned side & I prefer warm tones. It is a good quality palette, good formula, pigmented, the shadows are smooth, blend easily & don’t have any kick-up nor fall-out which is always a plus. The gold glittery shade, Clutch, is STUNNING! I can’t honestly say it’s worth the money to purchase, I feel like a comparable palette can be purchased for less from another brand. I’ll be giving mine away, can’t see myself keeping a palette for literally 1 shade but that’s based on my personal preference towards warm tones. 

LAURA GELLER – Baked Blush-N-Brighten

(MSRP: $28.00)

Wow the shimmer! I know this is meant to be a “glowy” blush but this is very shimmery. I expected a much more subtle satin type finish which I expected would be beautiful, but WOW THE SHIMMER. This blush is a bit deceiving, it definitely does not look as shimmery as it is until swatched/applied. The glitter particles are so finely milled & look very sparse in the pan but once applied, SHIMMER. This is another product that I personally don’t like & will be giving away. I rarely use blush & when I do I prefer peachy tones & definitely not shimmery. 


(MSRP: $18.00)

I was so excited to get these in my boxy! The Alamar Cosmetics eyeshadow palette which was sent in the June boxy is a beautiful palette & ever since receiving that I’ve had my eye on the brushes. These brushes are synthetic & so freakin’ soft! I’ve used these a few times & have put them to a wash test & can definitely say they are absolutely worth it!

LORAC – Pro Matte Lip Color

(MSRP: $19.00)

I love these! While I do think these are pricey for that they are, I mean $19 for .03oz *major side-eye* kinda steep but at the same time I totally think they are worth the money. Luckily I received a color I didn’t already own & really like.

BUTTER LONDON – Stroke Of Wow Roll On Liner

(MSRP: $19.00)

THE STRUGGLE!! THE STRUGGLE! WTF, WHY?! I mean seriously, why Butter London? Who really thought “yes this is it, this is a fantastic idea!”. Whoever that was I’d like words with them because this product right here is a definite NO! I have never struggled to create a wing like I struggled with this thing & honestly I don’t even feel like I can say well in theory it’s a good idea because no, just no. Fail. What was the reason Butter London? WHAT WAS THE REASOOONNNN!! *Cardi-b voice*


Final thoughts on the September boxy… Ehh.. *insert shrug* The only 2 items I actually intend to keep are the brush trio & the Lorac lippy. The eyeshadow palette & blush are just not my cup of vodka & the liner is straight trash! September was kind of a disappointing month from Boxy Charm.

Total value of the box is $119, for the affordable $21!

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Thanks for chatting with me – V

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