April 2019 Boxy Charm Review:

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Hella late I know, I keep doing this thing where I disappear… I’m working on it! Let me not waste any more time.. REVIEW!


This months Boxy Charm theme is Peace, Love & Boxy

In this Boxy were the following.


(MSRP: $36.00)

I’ve gotten a few Pur palettes in my boxys’ thru-out the years & while they have been nice palettes I’m not crazy about any of them. This palette is 12 pans, a mix of very festive colors & neutrals, shimmers & mattes. It’s definitely possible to get a full eye look with just this one palette & while I do think the formula is good I also know there are better at comparable prices. 


LUXIE – The Summer Daze 3pc Brush Set

(MSRP: $28.00)

I’ll never get tired of getting Luxie brushes in my Boxy Charms! Luxie brushes are hella good & I happen to be one of those People who Can Never have too many brushes. *Shrugs*

ARTIST COUTURE – Diamond Glow Powder

(MSRP: $27.00)

I prefer my Highlights to be a very finely milled shimmer, I like to Glow not Sparkle. This powder is a little too glittery for me to use as a highlight on my face but as an inner corner highlight, Stunning! Beautiful to use on the eyes, just not my preference for the face.

APPEAL COSMETICS – Holographic Lip Gloss

(MSRP: $21.00)

I didn’t think I would like this, holographic lips isn’t really my thing but the effect is subtle enough to be wearable. Alone or topping a nude lipstick it gives a beautiful shine with an almost unnoticeable color shift & glitter. The formula isn’t too thick or sticky, it’s comfortable to wear but definitely requires some reapplication due to it being a thinner gloss.


(MSRP: $14.00)

I’m not sure where the color payoff of this eye liner went because it simply wasn’t in the pencil. I don’t have anything good to say so I’ll end this review here.



Final thoughts, this Boxy Charm was Ok. Just Ok. Other than the Luxie brushes which I of course love & the lip gloss which is cute, everything else was just Ok.

Total value of this box is $126, for the low-low $21!


Use the link below if you’d like to join the Boxy Fam today ❤

Become a Boxy Babe ❤


As always, thanks for Chatting with Me – V 

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