June 2019 BoxyLuxe Review:

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I receive my boxy fairly late this month (after the 15th), knowing there was skincare in the box I wasted no time! Full disclosure I am re-writing this review, I had my full review done, photos, try-on video the whole freakin enchilada, ready to go live the 3rd… Then Murphy’s Law struck, 1st IG & FB decided full functionality was not on the days agenda, then my computer ERASED ALL MY FUKKIN FILES! WTF!! So here I am again, redoing my review after having retaken my pictures, no try-on video because FRUSTRATION. I have been so frustrated over this that I’ve really been thinking about just skipping June all together! It literally takes me HOURS to edit my videos even though they’re super simple Shyt but I don’t know how to edit videos, I’m teaching myself as I go so its still a challenge. So to spend about 5hrs creating this post between writing my review, taking & editing photos as well as shooting & editing my try-on video to have it all disappear in the blink of an eye is hella annoying & discouraging af!! BUT my July boxy is due to arrive in just a few days so I decided to suck it up & just post this review, only product pics, no video, it is what it is. 

Anyway here we go…


This months theme was, Getaway….. Very summer vacay appropriate!

In this months box were the following

TARTE – Tarteist Pro Glow Cheek Palette v3

(MSRP: $45.00)

This palette is nice, honestly I would probably love it if all of the shades worked better for my complexion but it’s still a nice palette. There are 6 decent sized pans, 2 highlights, 2 blushes & 2 contour shades. The highlights are both great, only 1 of the blushes & contours work for me but that’s no reflection of the quality. They are buttery smooth, buildable & very easy to blend.


TOUCH IN SOL – No Poreblem Prime Essence

(MSRP: $23.00)

This primer? is the weirdest thing, I’m honestly unsure if it’s supposed to be a primer or like a pre-primer? Did I get a bad one or is it supposed to be water is a tube? Aside from questions, it didn’t actually make much of any difference to my makeup. My skin didn’t look smoother, my makeup wasn’t brighter, more matte, longer lasting… idk


DOMINQUE COSMETICS – Lemonade Lipgloss

(MSRP: $17.00)

Love! Love, I love this gloss. It’s not sticky but still remains fairly long lasting, looks so cute on it’s own & layer over nude lipstick, love. & the smell!!! I have been smelling this lipgloss daily since I received it trying to pinpoint the exact smell because it reminds me of something very specific from “back in the day” but it’s been one of those moment where I have it, it’s literally right on the tip of my tongue but I done freakin’ know lol. Sooooo damn good though!!


PYT – Mini Turbo On-The-Go Dryer

(MSRP: $85.00)

Woah, $85? Nope, just no. I’ll admit I didn’t have the best initial hopes for this because of the mini iron in the Dec.2018 BoxyLuxe which was TERRIBLE, check out my Dec review to see my thoughts on that, but damn this little thing is powerful! $85 worth powerful, nope but it is good! The mini diffuser is useless for my own hair because I have a full head of hair down to the middle of my butt, however it was so great to diffuse my 4yr olds small head of hair lol.


DR. BRANDT – Clean Biotic PH-Balanced Yogurt Cleanser With Chlorophyll

(MSRP: $35.00)

I usually really like Dr. Brandt but I just couldn’t make myself like this. The scent, the way my skin felt somehow clean but at the same time maybe not entirely clean. I truly don’t even know how to explain it other than this just isn’t for my skin. I tend to get fairly oily in the warmer months but with other face cleansers that I have I don’t wake up the next morning with my skin already looking extra “glowy” using this I do & by noon I’m just oily again. I’ve continued using since this review is so late I’ve had about a months use of it so far &still not impressed.


FARMACY – Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum

(MSRP: $58.00)

I’ve been using this for about a month now & I really see & feel a difference in my skin. I swear my skin looks brighter & smoother, over all healthier. Definitely will continue to use this!


LIVING PROOF – Full Dry Volume Blast

(MSRP: $29.00)

Yes this works, as promised volume is delivered by this spray… I personally just don’t like it, but that’s no reflection of the product just my own preferences. I don’t like the way my hair feels with volumizing sprays, I rarely apply spray of any kind to my hair just don’t like them. However I did give this a fair try, the scent is nice, fine mist & gives good volume for sure!



TRESTIQUE – Good Vibes Mascara

(MSRP: $25.00)

This came across kind of gimmicky to me. While the mascara alone was good, game me some nice length to my lashes & didn’t clump or apply weird, the whole bulky “lash curling” packaging is just too much. The curler part of the packaging wasn’t effective, it just makes the mascara super bulky for no reason. I guess I get the idea behind it but it’s so not needed. I’ll continue to use for the mascara alone, I would purchase the mascara alone, for $25? no lol but I’d buy it.


ANDERSON LILLEY – M. Greengrass Hand & Body Butter – Summer In Nice

(MSRP: $24.00)

Hand & Body BUTTER? Idk about that, lotion? yes, butter? no. This is a nice lotion, smells soo good & doesn’t leave a nasty film on the skin or feel slippery after being applied. I wouldn’t call this a butter as all of the hand &/or body butters I own are MUCH thicker than this but none the less this is a delicious summery lotion!


Final thoughts, another great boxy! Aside from the primer which I’m confused on & the Dr.Brandt cleanser which just didn’t work the best for my skin, everything else is gets a thumbs up. Yes the mascara is gimmicky but because of the packaging, the mascara its self is good. & while the mini dryer isn’t very useful for my own hair because I have smooch of it & it’s so long its definitely great for my little ones hair. Claps for June’s BoxyLuxe.

Total value of this box was $341, for the price of $49.99. Wow!


Become a boxy babe ♥

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