A Little Piece of V


This blog is a little piece of me, things I like, some of my opinions & thoughts, some of my ideas. I honestly don’t know how to describe myself, I just am who I am. I read at least 2 books every month, I stare at the moon & sigh, EVERY TIME, as if I’ve never seen it before. I like to be with the people I consider friends but also really love my solitude & I’m not a fan of crowds. I like the beach but not so much the water, I love rollercoasters & hate Ferris wheels. NO F*CKING CHANCE OF GETTING ME ON ONE OF THOSE! I have the soul of an artist & crave everything artistic, I love singing along to the music & dancing, painting & writing bring me peace. I’m honest to a fault & see no point in sugar coating my honesty. I’m a Scorpio! I don’t care for small talk & I don’t shake everyones hand. Call me rude *insert shrug* I’m not bothered by it! I like talking to & really connecting with people I vibe with, I’m perfectly happy sitting for hours & just talking with someone whose energy is right. There are very few people I consider a friend, although I know a lot of people. I’m obsessed with languages & determined to be fluent in at least 10 different languages in my life-time. 


I had the thought of starting my own blog for a little over three years & after contemplating this blog for over a year I finally decided it was time to do it. I’ve always been a silent planner, I like to think things thru 100% before I even speak on their existence. For two reasons 1st because I’m an extremely independent person & like to do things by myself, for myself. Sharing ideas always leads to advice & suggestions, while I choose to believe most of the time it’s coming from well meaning spaces I also choose not to invite it. Secondly, because while I choose to believe in the best of people I’m also glaringly aware of the malice & negativity in people. I choose not to allow anyones negative attitudes & energy to dull my shine! I fully believe that the energy you create & the energy being created around you impacts your life. Be positive or be gone from around me!


I have some dope things in the works for this blog & genuinely hope that, whoever you are reading my posts, you benefit in some way. A laugh, an idea, inspiration or just a distraction to pass the time, I hope you enjoy chatting with me.



Thank you for visiting my blog!








P.S. – If you come across my ‘hidden’ page, keep it to yourself, don’t ruin the “secret” ♥