I weep for the daughters with outstretched arms in anticipation of their mothers love, left in perpetual wait. Daughters who navigate their youth alone, silently because their words were mostly met with hate. Battling against the cycles of pain that span generations. Trying to build homes on crumbling foundations. The daughters of broken daughters; Granddaughters... Continue Reading →


There's a fire burning in her soul. A yearning that's getting out of control. The need for freedom is suffocating. She's desperate & tired of waiting. Inside she's screaming, LET ME OUT! But she's silent as fear becomes doubt. What is there really to fear? It's unclear.   Her heart is aching, breaking for herself.... Continue Reading →


  What would I do differently... & who would I be consequently. This is kind of a loaded question. One that I'll admit has become a bit of an obsession. What would I do differently... & would I still be ME? My choices & decisions have shaped me for the better or worse. Some decisions... Continue Reading →


How do I adapt to this change? This new way is strange. This new way of being. They say the truth is freeing; But is it really? I feel trapped now that I see clearly. Trapped in what I should; Taunted by what I could.     How do I adapt to this? They say... Continue Reading →


  It feels like her spark is being muted. Like her flame is being diluted. She is slowly dying, wilting like a rose. Pulling away from the light and hiding in the shadow. Can her voice still be heard? Is her silence preferred? Has she become invisible? Is she still fixable? Although she has partially... Continue Reading →

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