What would I do differently…

& who would I be consequently.

This is kind of a loaded question.

One that I’ll admit has become a bit of an obsession.

What would I do differently…

& would I still be ME?

My choices & decisions have shaped me for the better or worse. Some decisions have been blessings, others more like a curse.

Regardless my choices & decisions have made me who I am today. Obsessive & detached, outgoing & introverted; a paradox in my own way.

Would changing past decisions alter who I am fundamentally? Would I become someone new accidentally?

Given the chance I would willingly change some of my past decisions. However, only under these specific conditions…

1: I get to remain Me.

This very girl who I see in the mirror staring back at me.

2: I get to keep my wildfire.

This hunger & desire for life that I truly admire.

3: My spirit must remain unchanged.

This essence is sewn into the very fiber of my being & that cannot be exchanged!



–  V

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