Zodiac Makeup: Taurus

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Duality: Feminine

Triplicity: Earth

Quadruplicity: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus


(I’m sorry I’m so late posting my Taurus makeup look, I’ve had a weird 2 weeks creatively speaking & haven’t liked anything I’ve done which translates to no blog content *insert eyeroll* I’m getting it together, promise!)


My inspiration for this Makeup look came from Taurus’s Element, Color & Birthstone.


Element : Earth

Color : Pale Blue

Birthstone : Emerald



Taurus is the sign of property & money, also known for their dependability. Taurus people are caring, giving and affectionate. On the flip side Taurus can also be secretive, self-indulgent, stingy and opinionated. 

The inner Taurus : 

You need order in your life, feeling like things are out of control makes you anxious. You hold on to people you care about and tend to have a close group of friends, rather than a large amount of acquaintances. Similarly in romantic situations you seek committed relationships, over quick flings.

Taurus birthstone, the emerald, is the stone of loyalty. The emerald improves memory & protects the wearer against deceit. Your lucky day is Friday & your lucky numbers are 4 & 6.



Thank you for reading & as always thanks for chatting with me – V


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