Zodiac Makeup: Virgo

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Perfect Virgo Season is upon us!

Virgos are very special to me, my phenomenal mom is a Virgo, 1 of my perfect daughters is a virgo & my husband is a Virgo. I have always gotten along very well with Virgos.


Duality: Feminine

Triplicity: Earth

Quadruplicity: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury


My inspiration for this makeup look was provided by Virgo’s birthstone, flower & metal.


Birthstone: Sapphire

Flower: Morning Glory

Metal: Mercury


Virgo is the sign of self-improvement, Virgo people tend to be perfectionists & seek to know as much information as possible. Virgos are sensible, reliable & ambitious but can also be critical, shy & indifferent.


The Inner Virgo:

You are willful & never lack dedication, you fear failure which makes you strive for perfection is everything you do. Although you have the tendency to be very critical of yourself & others, you do not take criticism well. People know they can depend on you & rely on your sensibility & level-headedness. 

Keep being calm, cool & collected, perfect Virgos!

Virgo birthstone, the sapphire, brings the wearer tranquility & protects against illness while traveling. Your lucky day is Wednesday & your lucky numbers are 5 & 3.



What do you think of my Virgo makeup look?

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