Zodiac Makeup: Leo

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It is the Season of the Lion


Duality: Masculine

Triplicity: Fire

Quadruplicity: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Sun


My inspiration for this makeup look came from Leos birthstone & metal.

Fun fact: Many people think the Ruby is red, but they are actually pink.

ZM Leo1

Birthstone: Ruby

Metal: Gold


Leo is the sign of pleasure & creativity, known for being opportunistic Leos look for what they can get out of life for themselves. Leos are generous, kind & cheerful but can also be lazy, dramatic & self-centered. 

Leos Achilles’ heel is EGO! 


The Inner Leo:

You are emotional & sensitive, even if you hide it under a mask of indifference. The opinion others have of you is important to you, this can lead to a “fake it till you make it” attitude. Your Leo pride will not allow you to ever back down from a challenge, even if you fail you will walk away saying you won because you weren’t afraid to try!

Leo birthstone, the ruby, protects the wearer from physical injury & brings peace of mind. Your lucky day is Sunday & your lucky numbers are 8 & 9.


ZM Leo


I hope you like this look, & as always thank you for chatting with me – V ♥



Check out my instagram to get the details for this makeup @Chattingwith.V 

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