Review : Every Day by David Levithan


Fun fact: I began reading this book on a lazy Sunday and finished it that very same day, I could not put it down, so good! Now lets get to the review.


The story centers around ‘A’ who doesn’t have a physical identity of his/her own. Every morning A wakes up inhabiting the body of a new person, conscious of him/herself but also conscious of this new person.

Quick note, I’ve decided for the sake of my sanity during this review I’ll be referring to ‘A’ as he, gender isn’t specified in the book and I can’t write he/she for the entire review!

A, is 16 years old when he awakes in the body of Justin, A, goes thru the motions of the day as Justin until meeting Rhiannon, Justins girlfriend. A, immediately feels a connection to Rhiannon and from that moment begins ensuring future meetings with her. After a few meetings with her as different people A tells Rhiannon about his reality. Que loco! Surprisingly enough she not only believes it fairly quickly, she also accepts it and seems very nonchalant about the whole thing. She’s a weirdo too I guess.


Rhiannon continues meeting with A as often as they can. Some days A wakes up in a body that’s too far away and meeting up is not a possibility but they continue communicating via email. Eventually, quickly in my opinion, Rhiannon starts falling for A, but a relationship between them isn’t really explored in this book. Having not read part 2 yet, I think part 3 will bring them together.

My only peeve with the story is that there’s no real explanation given, the why or how of A isn’t explained in the least! Como carajo? Later into the story A finds another “wandering spirit” inhabiting the body of a priest. The priest tells him there are more like them and that it is possible to stay in a body longer than 24hours. A gets the sense that his intentions are malicious and chooses not to take him up on his offer to “show him a better way”. A plots his escape from the city he’s in at the moment in hopes of finding the answers to his questions on his own.

The story ends with no real conclusion but part 2 has already been published and part 3 is set to release this year so that was to be expected. I will definitely be reading both!

All things considered, I give this book 3.5 stars. While I loved the story itself, not getting even the slightest hint of an explanation for A stops me from giving 4 stars.

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& as always, thanks for chatting with me – V

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