What’s In My Closet: Lingerie Edition



Just kidding, maybe…

In honor of ‘Freaky Fridays’, this What’s In My Closet post is dedicated to lingerie. I think every woman needs some sexy lingerie, regardless of relationship status! Having on a lingerie set that fits just right, hugs every curve perfectly and accentuates everything that deserves some accentuation, changes the entire mood of the day. Even if there is no man or woman waiting in a candle lit bedroom to see it, ladies slip into some sexy lingerie and see how your attitude changes! Te ves en el espejo y WOW!

Lingerie style speaks so closely to a woman’s essence, even more so than her clothing style.

Some of my favorite brands include, Bordelle whose bondage ‘fetish’ style lingerie is undeniably SEXY AF! lo quiero todo, although they are quite pricey. Be prepared to make it rain for that lingerie set, that’s expensive girl! Bijoux Indiscrets which has some of the best lingerie accessories I’ve ever seen, I’m talking ADD IT ALL TO CART good! Dita Von Teese, I mean come on, vintage styled lingerie is amazing of course. Mimi Holliday, with fun and whimsical themed sets it’s hard not to love this brand, even if some of the styles are a bit too quirky for me. Else, Fortnight, The Great Eros and Signature by Marika Vera deserve an honorable mention because they have great “everyday” lingerie. Who says you can’t be sexy under that pant suit sitting behind your desk?! Of course Victoria’s Secret does some justice too, and those 7/$28 panty sales cannot be beat!

Lace, silk and leather cuffs… Oh My!


What’s in your semainier chest?

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