Zodiac Makeup: Sagittarius

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Sagittarius Season, the season of celebration has come, turned up & left us all recovering from too many good times!

Duality: Masculine

Triplicity: Fire

Quadruplicity: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Jupiter


My inspiration for this makeup look came from Sagittarius birthstone, metal & flower. 



Birthstone: Turquoise 

Metal: Tin

Flower: Narcissus


Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy & higher learning, Sagittarians tend to be kind, clever & honest. Sagittarians are trustworthy, charming, lucky but can also be impulsive, prone to procrastination & fickle. 


The Inner Sagittarius:

Your confidence in a positive outcome for your future is inspirational. Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, while doubts are natural & do happen, deep down your optimism is unwavering. You are independent, versatile & a true valued friend to everyone lucky enough to call you a friend. People often see you as genuine & private, you are open in your friendships but always keep a few personal secrets.

Keep your genuine soul protected at all costs Sagittarius!


Sagittarius birthstone, turquoise, brings its wearer protection, attracts love & enhances the wearers clairvoyance abilities. Your lucky day is Thursday & your lucky numbers are 5 & 7. 



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