Zodiac Makeup: Scorpio

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Duality: Feminine

Triplicity: Water

Quadruplicity: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Pluto


My inspiration for this makeup look came from Scorpio’s birthstone & colors.


Birthstone: Opal

Colors: Crimson, Burgundy 


Scorpio is the sign of inheritance & legacy, Scorpio people tend to be powerful, independent & passionate. Scorpios are magnetic, emotional, intuitive (often psychic), but can also be manipulative, cold & violent.


The Inner Scorpio: 

You are an enigma, a living contradiction. Scorpio is the most complex sign in the Zodiac, often misunderstood by the inhabitants of every other sign. You are intense, have a brilliant & very calculating mind, your inner psyche is a maze! People often see you as unapproachable, intriguing, trustworthy & too ambitious.

Embrace the paradox which you are Scorpio, flaunt your famous sensuality & continue to achieve goal after goal!

Scorpio’s birthstone, the Opal*, brings financial success, imparts clear insight & frees its wearer of jealousy & greed. Your lucky day is Tuesday & lucky numbers are 2 & 4. 

*Topaz, brings serenity of mind & releases the wearers occult powers, also serves to protect against enemies & illness.

*There has been a long standing debate as to whether the Opal or Topaz is Scorpio’s birthstone, some astrologers say definitely Opal, some say definitely Topaz. I personally believe it is the Opal but for any Scorpios who believe it is the Topaz, I’ve added it to the list as well. With Scorpios complexity it may very well be both.


I am a Scorpio, 1/3rd of my birth chart is ruled by Scorpio, my entire life I’ve been told by the people who actually get to know me that they did not expect me to be as nice of a person as I am. I’ve often been the go-to person for solutions, for advice, for insight amongst my friends. I’ve often been the person that others open up to & unload their problems on. With Scorpio ruling my birth chart as it does, I am glaringly aware that I embody Scorpios best qualities, but also Scorpios worst. I am determined & hard-working, I come across success easily, I achieve & sometimes “over-achieve” & make it look easy in the process. However, I know that I can also be manipulative when it suites me, self-serving, secretive & violent when I leave my short temper unchecked. I am aware of my natural sensuality & use it to my advantage, I am aware that I can come across as intimidating to many people & relish in the power that gives me. I am aware that my born psychic ability & calculating mind give me the ability to see the outcome before others, however I more often then not choose to selfishly keep it to myself & let it play out for others while I position myself accordingly to ensure I won’t lose in the end. It has always been easy for me to read people, to see their Aura’s & sense the energy they emit which I obviously use to my advantage as well. I am the best & worst of Scorpio & I love it!


Happy Belated Birthday to all my fellow Scorpios! 

Thanks for chatting with me – V

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