Zodiac Makeup: Libra

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Balanced Libra season has come & gone, I’ve been m.i.a for too long but I’m back now! To my loyal readers, sorry for the wait & thank you for your patience. I’m making up for all this silent time, I promise!


Duality: Masculine

Triplicity: Air

Quadruplicity: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus


My inspiration for this makeup look was taken from Libra’s birthstone & colors.


Birthstone: Peridot

Colors: Blue & Lavender


Libra is the sign of partnership & marriage, Libra natives tend to be dependent on others for happiness. Libran’s are often artistic, very easygoing & social but can also be narcissistic & self-indulgent.

The Inner Libra: 

You are hard working & a people pleaser, your need to please others can often lead to insecurities & self-doubt. You prefer to avoid any type of conflict & often take on too much from others because you have a hard time saying no, this can lead to feelings of resentment which you’ll bottle up to avoid the unpleasantness of it. People often see you as kind & outgoing, you have a talent for making people feel important by understanding their point of view.

Your happiness comes from within yourself Libra, don’t seek it outwardly.

Libra birthstone the peridot brings the wearer a sense of deep calmness, reduces anxiety & protects against negative emotions. Your lucky day is Friday & your lucky numbers are 6 & 9. 


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