Let go and flourish…

The biggest set back for most people in their journey of growth is letting go of friendships that are poison. Especially when the journey to growth is starting a little later, most of us begin that journey in highschool, we start to find ourselves as autonomous beings & take steps to set up our futures. In that highschool age range we tend to be quicker to cut people out of our lives, especially friends, because we’re confident in there being a plethora of friends to make. However, later into early adulthood that plethora of friends to make looks more like a few options lol, we’re already more in tune with ourselves so our social behaviors change we’re less likely to be in new places often exposed to a lot of friendship forming opportunities, we’re working & going home. Human nature makes us want to have friendship bonds tho so we’re more likely to overlook “small” toxic traits in our friendships & keep friendships we shouldn’t. If any of your friendships started from a negative point, the common factor which sparked platonic interest sets the tone for the lifetime of that connection. Don’t let where you were be an anchor, just because you were in a negative space at one point doesn’t mean you have to stay there forever! Healthy & Positive connections only!!

Some signs a connection in your life is negative, their general demeanor/attitude changes towards you when you are doing better in your life then when you are in crisis & vice versus, if they’re friendly only when you’re doing well. The initial connection point is something negative, usually the shared dislike of another person creates this kind of friendship, even if it’s years later the foundation of that friendship will always be negativity. There isn’t mutual support &/or mutual respect, one sided friendships can take a toll on the person putting all the effort in making them feel inadequate, which is a slippery slope leading to people pleasing personalities as coping mechanisms &/or isolated anti-social personalities as defense mechanisms. The friendship feels like a competition, either you feel like they’re secretly in competition with you or if you feel like you are in competition with them! Be honest with yourself & determine which friendships are poison so you can let them go!!

The journey of growth is never ending, release those anchors & flourish!

– Val

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